Performance pressures, interpersonal conflicts, stress and mental health concerns, political and economic influences, and (more recently in 2020!) global pandemics … the workplace can be a challenging place for many, more than ever, and this all too often creates an adverse effect in all areas of life, from finances and relationships to overall health and wellbeing.

As a Leadership Coach & Leadership Skills Trainer I work with executive leaders and senior managers to support them, as well as their teams and organisation-wide workforces, to shift their performance, experiences and feelings

  • from discouragement and frustration to enthusiasm and satisfaction
  • from giving up on career ambitions to stepping up to the next level
  • from stress and pressure to performing at one’s best, with confidence
  • from conflict and discord to stable and amicable relationships
  • from powerless and merely following to empowered and leading
  • finally, from struggling to thriving – and in and out of the workplace.

I have a wealth of experience working across many types of organisation and industry sectors – in the UK and internationally – and if you are looking to transform your business’s or organisation’s culture and performance, either by expanding your own leadership skills and/or by nurturing the development of your people, I will be delighted to support and collaborate with you.

“I believe that if people are happy and successful at work, they are also happier in all other areas of life. What’s more, organisations with ‘happy people’ are more successful, too.”

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