“I listen with intent and feedback with honesty what I see, feel and hear from my delegates, and then look to inspire and motivate them to go for their desired outcomes.”

My name is Aubrey Stuart. I am a MCIPD qualified Leadership Coach and Leadership Skills Trainer, here to coach, train, serve and support organisational leaders, executives and senior managers, and their teams as well as entire workforces, to

  • develop leadership skills and behaviour
  • improve productivity levels and performance
  • achieve both, career progression and satisfaction
  • manage stress and accomplish work-life balance
  • shift limiting beliefs and unlock unfulfilled potential
  • manage organisational change and transformation
  • cultivate more flexible and inclusive management styles

… and to promote anything else which may foster can-do attitudes, adaptability and innovation, and which contributes to making work a better place. A place to thrive, not to struggle or merely survive.

Especially, and even more so, in the face of global crises and pandemics presenting leaders, organisations and employees worldwide with unprecedented challenges and uncertainty.

Location, organisation type and industry sector don’t matter

When it comes to who I am here to serve and work with, geographic or also demographics, don’t matter to me, only which leadership, workplace and career challenges I can help to overcome.

I am based in London and have been working with leaders and organisations all over the UK, and worldwide, across all types and sizes of organisations, from small and medium sized to global blue chip corporations, and spanning multiple industry sectors such as financial services, investment and retail banking; global management consulting and accountancy; food, retail and pharmaceuticals; energy services and property; music, media, entertainment and leisure; travel, transport and telecommunications.

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