Why work with me

“I am driven to succeed not just for myself, but for others, and feel that wherever a person is, I can make a difference in a positive and effective way and with a successful outcome.”

I understand that choosing the right coach is important, so here’s some further information on my credentials and a more personal introduction to my values and story.

My professional experience and credentials

Before embarking on my independent career as a Leadership Coach (in 2016), I held various in-house Learning & Development roles at management as well as consultancy level for 25 years, which has given me a wealth of experience across many business types and sectors – in good times and in difficult times – and which complements my work today, perfectly.

My most relevant formal qualifications include

  • CIPD Postgraduate in Human Resources Management,
  • Accredited Coach – Diploma in Transformational Coaching
  • Psychometric Level A and B Accredited Practitioner
  • IBM-Kenexa Leadership Accredited Facilitator – High Performance Behaviour for Leaders

I am also a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development MCIPD, and a published contributor to People Management, the CIPD’s award-winning members only industry magazine.

My personal beliefs, attributes and values

Career satisfaction impacts our quality of life

I believe that if people are happy and successful at work, they are also happier in all other areas of life – and businesses with ‘happy people’ are more successful, too. That’s why organisations have an opportunity – perhaps responsibility – to nurture people and prioritise wellbeing in the workplace. For me this means a tremendous sense of satisfaction and purpose in my work, which is all about guiding people to unleash the best versions of themselves in the workplace.

Professional, personable and flexible in approach

My approach combines professional qualifications and competency with a warm, friendly and personable attitude and completely accessible personality. What’s more, while I draw on a variety of professional Learning & Development frameworks, tools and techniques, experience has shown me that no one organisation, or person, or situation is the same, therefore flexibility and the ability to adjust are key for a successful coaching relationship and outcome.

Problem-solving, people-focused and team-player

I consider each coaching intervention as a partnership and have been recognised for my strong listening skills and ability to build fruitful relationships, connecting deeply with people by building a circle of trust that will encourage them to open up and share their challenges, issues and difficulties, and consequently to explore their potential to grow and exceed their own perceived limitations within the working environment.

Diversity and inclusion nurture potential

I belief that every person is unique, capable and has potential, and it’s just a matter of the right support and mentoring to unlock that potential in people. That’s why I put a high value on embedding the principles of diversity and inclusion in my work. I believe that it fosters not just personal performance and wellbeing, but also collaboration and innovation, both contributing factors to an organisation’s bottom line.

Physical fitness, recreational sports and the outdoors

Being a coach doesn’t mean that I am immune from experiencing adversities, and I have found that sports and fitness – particularly in the outdoors – gives me great release and has helped me build my resilience. That’s why I always advocate the benefits of physical fitness through my work as well. I am an accomplished snow skier – and ex amateur downhill racer – and each winter I spend quality time in the Austrian Alps; in summer I spend most weekends water skiing; and I also go running and practice yoga on a regular basis.

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